We never plan for tragedy.  However, from time to time it happens to us all.  This is especially true when the unexpected occurs due to the negligent conduct of another person or company.  We understand the importance of your circumstances and will fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve to put your life back together. 

In New York City we are fortunate to have the best medical care in the world.  Unfortunately, we cannot be guaranteed that the medical attention we receive is in accordance with the generally accepted standards of care which exist in our community.  When mistakes occur in medicine they can have disastrous results.  We work with a team of medical professionals to carefully screen and review each case to help secure fair and reasonable compensation if a client has been injured due to poor medical care.


In 1974, Congress passed a law that protects your employee benefits. Known as ERISA (the Employment Retirement Income Security Act) this law covers your retirement, disability, health, welfare and other employment-related benefits. It details the responsibilities of your employer regarding your employee benefit plan, and it outlines the steps you can take if you believe your rights are being violated.

Kerner & Kerner helps protect employees' rights under ERISA. Our lawyers will fight to obtain the benefits our clients are entitled to under the law.

Any action that your employer or health insurer takes that limits your benefits - such as denial of benefits, firing or disciplining you just as you are about to receive benefits - may be an ERISA violation and should be investigated and addressed. Under your employee benefit plan, you may have the right to healthcare benefits, even if you have developed a major illness. You may have the right to collect disability or insurance benefits, even if your employer feels your problem does not qualify.  And as a vested employee, you may have the right to collect pension benefits, even though you may not have worked for the company for decades. If you feel that you have been improperly denied employee benefits, contact us.

Our trial skills and knowledge of civil litigation in New York allow us to zealously represent corporate clients and obtain a desirable result.  We handle all matters of commercial litigation, including contract disputes, employment and labor issues, fraud, debt collection, real property transactions and a variety of other issues.  We have represented large Fortune 500 companies and other local businesses throughout New York in litigated matters. 

We routinely appear in the Surrogate's Court throughout the City and State of New York on a variety of matters including probate of Wills, Administration Proceedings, Infant Compromises, Guardianship Proceedings and Wrongful Death Compromises.