We are experienced ERISA lawyers dedicated to representing people who have been denied employee benefits under their employer's ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) disability, health, life or severance benefit plans.  We do not represent ERISA insurance companies, employers, unions, or an employee benefit plan against a working person denied his or her employee benefits.  We have the experience, knowledge, desire, and confidence that you need to win if you have been denied employee benefits.

       ERISA is an uncommon field of law and many lawyers do not know how it works or what is needed to prevail on behalf of a client.  If you have been told by other lawyers that your claim is meritless, unwinable, or not worth enough money, they may be wrong.  If you think that your employer or the insurance company has cheated you, don't give up!  Fight back!  Don't walk away from your claim without giving us a chance to help you.

       Contact us for a free consultation.  Regardless of what other attorneys have told you, your claim is probably worth more than enough for us to help you.  We will handle your case on either a contigency or hourly basis; the choice is usually yours.